What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency

One thing you don’t want to have is a plumbing emergency on a Saturday night. It happened to me and I can tell you the experience was not exactly fun.

I had just returned home after dinner with friends and was about to retire for the night so I could be up bright and early for my golf engagement with some old colleagues. Just as my head was about to hit the pillow I heard what sounded like gushing water. At first, I thought I had left the tap on in the ensuite. Curious, I stepped into the hallway and that was when I made a shocking discovery. The newly installed water pump had burst in the hotpress and was creating a not so pleasant instant river in my apartment.

My first reaction was stunned panic but I could not stand there and stare at the water forever. I picked up mobile and called the first plumbing and heating company on Google.They weren’t available but they gave me the number of an emergency plumber who he claimed will get the job done immediately. I called this other guy but he was at another plumbing disaster.

Who knew it would be so difficult to find a plumber?

So he instructed me to take some emergency measures. Due to my line of work have some basic plumbing skills but I had never had the opportunity to put these skills into practice. Well, there may never be a better time than the present so I started working immediately.

First, I tried to get my things out of the way then I remembered that the right move was to solve the problem at its source. I was in a right flap and nothing that the emergency plumbing guy told me made sense. In the end, I had to switch off the water pump. Then I diverted the flow of water. With the emergency ‘paused’ I now had time to look at the damage done to my apartment.

My wooden floorboards were soaked and would surely need to be refinished. My new rug in the hallway was squidgy with water and some work documents I had stupidly left sitting on the floor were ruined. And my golf bag which was in the hotpress even managed to get soaked. So I had to send some texts to let my golf buddies know I wouldn’t be attending. The last call I made was to my lady love. Predictably, she used the opportunity to remind me that at my age I shouldn’t still be living like a bachelor!

Anyway, the emergency plumber will come in tomorrow and my lady will be around to console me. Hopefully, the problem will be solved but it has been a terrible experience.

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